How far can you get??

A new take on a classic endless flyer.  Avoid the asteroids as you progress through Galaxies, each a bit more difficult then the last. Don’t […]

Collect loot to upgrade!!

Collect loot!!  You’ll use it to upgrade your ship.  Once you’ve collected enough loot the Space Dock will unlock.  Let the upgrading begin!  Upgrades will […]

Fill your warp meter!

You’re stuck in this galaxy until you can fill your warp meter… and it’s not getting any easier.  Fill your warp meter until it ignites […]

Particle Generated Graphics

Warp Looters graphics are generated using the newest particle generation techniques.  This makes for a beautiful experience while still keeping play fast and precise.  Use […]

Download Warp Looter

Download Warp Looter Here.        If you’d like to receive e-mail updates about Warp Looter and Shiny Talisman please fill in your e-mail. We will not […]


Precision Tilt Control Precision control of your ship by tilting the device.  Tilt a bit for some cautious fancy flying or tilt a lot to […]